WooCommerce 3.3.1 fix release notes

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WooCommerce 3.3.1 is now available. This release fixes conflicts with a handful of themes running template files from 3.2.x that were thus incompatible with the 3.3.0 update.

You may have seen that 3.3.0 was removed from WordPress.org soon after release; this was to give the team time to look deeper into the conflicts being reported and avoid more users running into the same issues.

The issue affected themes with template overrides from 3.2.x that hadn’t been made compatible with 3.3. In general, we recommend that themes use hooks instead of template overrides. Themes such as Storefront (which does not use template overrides) were compatible at launch.

To resolve these issues, we selected a set of the most common themes running on WooCommerce stores and then tested for compatibility with the 3.3.1 release. In addition, some theme authors have tested and released updates to ensure compatibility as well.

Want to read about current best practices around templates and overrides? Read this wiki post.

This has been a learning experience for us, and has highlighted problems in the extensibility of the template system, and a disconnect between our team and theme authors operating on external marketplaces. We hope to find solutions to these problems in the near future.

We’re hopeful the majority of the problems are now resolved and we can push ahead. ~90 commits made it into this release. The full changelog is below.

* Fix - Added `woocommerce_output_product_categories` to replace `woocommerce_product_subcategories` function to prevent outdated theme template files from outputting categories on the shop and category pages in err.
* Fix - Prevented columns from being set to anything lower than 1.
* Fix - Added extra error checking in Webhooks API to prevent notices when deleting Webhooks.
* Fix - Prevented list table classes being loaded multiple times. This also fixes compatibility with Smart Coupons extension.
* Fix - Removed stray debug string from order email template and fixed some typos.
* Fix - Set up the loop when calling wc_get_loop_prop. Fixes compatibility with some themes.
* Fix - Remove multiple application of filter 'woocommerce_order_item_product'.
* Fix - Protect against theme support being defined too late. Fixes some issues with custom themes defining WooCommerce support incorrectly.
* Fix - Add fallback for themes that just get the pagination template.
* Fix - Made the on-the-fly image regen also regenerate missing sizes.
* Fix - Fixed missing user_id in webhook migration script.
* Fix - Allow uncategorized category to be sorted like the others.
* Fix - If theme support changes, we may need to flush permalinks since some are changed based on this flag.
* Fix - Fire hooks for pagination etc only when pagination is enabled.
* Fix - Default HTML in end wrapper template.
* Fix - Prevent regular pagination showing on archives for unsupported themes.
* Fix - Fix shop when shown as homepage in unsupported themes.
* Fix - Fix SKU mapping for placeholders during CSV import.
* Fix - Use CRUD search helper in admin products table so partial SKU search works.
* Fix - Fix bulk sale/regular price percentage handling.
* Fix - More specificity on smallscreen style override for columns.
* Tweak - Add notice for moved store notice setting.
* Tweak - Allow removing coupons on editable orders only.
* Tweak - Extended the background processing library to avoid changing methods in the library.
* Tweak - Do not show row settings if something is managing the number of products per page.
* Tweak - Allow devs to add 'no-link' class to elements to prevent order view link being triggered on row click.
* Tweak - Made woocommerce_resize_images filter more useful by calling it later.
* Tweak - Revert default columns back to 4 so it's consistent with 3.2.

Download the latest release of WooCommerce here or venture over to Dashboard → Updates to update your plugins from WordPress.

As usual, if you spot any other issues in WooCommerce core please log them in detail on Github, and to disclose a security issue to our team, please submit a report via HackerOne here.

WooCommerce is available using 1 click install in Cloud Server Webuzo. Contact us to find out our latest offers!

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