What is e-Commerce?

At its core, e-commerce refers to the purchase and sale of goods and/or services via electronic channels such as the Internet. E-commerce was first introduced in the 1960s via an electronic data interchange (EDI) on value-added networks (VANs). The medium grew with the increased availability of Internet access and the advent of popular online sellers in the 1990s and early 2000s. Today, practically every business has an online version of its retail store. It is now unusual to do business without the possibility to transact electronically.

Customers expect you to deliver a seamless experience across a variety of digital platforms—websites, online stores, ad campaigns, and more. Designing and delivering an elegant user experience is tough enough. You shouldn’t have to worry about the back end, too.

That’s the beauty of ReadySpace E-Commerce solutions. Behind our reputation for reliable, infrastructure lies the expertise to tune your infrastructure for optimal performance with your E-Commerce applications.

Features and benefits

Attract New Customers

Get new customers through search engine and the internet.

Stay open 24*7/365

Have round the clock business opportunities.

Offer Huge Information

Reduce time explaining, have more time improving

Placing your business online matters
Every business gets innovative by having their business online. Get lagged behind and get purged out if you are not at the forefront of E-Commerce. ReadySpace solutions will let you get your online presence felt and increase new sales revenue that you are unable to reach previously.

Key solutions


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