Protect Your Server Against DDoS!

Hey there, server admins!

Have you ever wondered if there’s a security service that can protect your server against DDoS attacks (and other malicious activities) that is AFFORDABLE?

Well, that’s what we can do for you! ReadySpace Server Security protects your server for just a small fee!

Apart from honeypots and malware detection, Server Security also does the following!

1. DDoS Detection.

Constantly monitors the number of simultaneous incoming and outgoing connections and blocks DoS attacks.

– Drop the connections and greylist the attacker IP. This reduces the number of false positives and complaints from clients behind proxy networks and NAT routers.
Prevents outgoing DoS attacks, preventing overuse charges or blacklisting.

– There’s no need to change any of your existing server applications. Apache, NginX, Lite HTTP, TomCat, GlassFish, ProFTP, PureFTP, VSFTP, Courier Mail, and many more are all compatible.

2. DDoS Mitigation.

Creates a global defense network, sharing information about malicious IPs. With data on over 15 million IPs worldwide, plus honeypots to capture and analyze the latest threats, your server is protected against DDoS botnet attacks – before they happen.

3. Antiflood

Ensures that hackers cannot mount an attack against the security application and destroy your defense shield in the process. Antiflood aggregates information from the entire security suite to prevent any individual module from overloading.

If you’ve been looking for a multi-pronged, yet affordable, security solution for your servers, look no further – cos Server Security is here

To subscribe to the service or find out more, do contact us at or for China/Hong Kong.

Stay Safe; Stay Protected!

ReadySpace Team 

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