Let the Polling begin! Revamped Polling Feature in 3CX WebMeeting

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Improvements to the 3CX web meeting polling featureOur web meeting polling feature has just received a massive improvement for a quick, simple and easy way to poll meeting participants during a 3CX WebMeeting. Below we have outlined all the new improvements we’ve made to this popular feature.

 Poll Creation & Editing

  • To Paginate or Not?: Poll creators now have the ability to select whether polls appear paginated (one question per page) or in single page format (all questions in 1 page).
  • Poll End Timer: Optionally, a poll auto-close timer is available while editing or creating a new poll. Participant submissions are halted once the time limit is reached.

  Active Polls

  • Live results: Poll organizers can see questionnaire completion and step-by-step question completion live as users go through poll questionnaires. The ability to see ‘which users’ select ‘which answers’. Similarly, poll participants can see their own poll overall completion which is helpful in cases where a user has left unanswered questions behind.
  • Anonymous Polls: While users answers and poll choices are completely transparent to the poll organizer, the organizer can at any point anonymize all poll results with the click of a button which is available only to him. (Participant size anonymization in a later release).
  • Submissionless Polling: Poll organizers need not worry about inattentive or semi-attentive poll users. Polls in WebMeeting are submissionless. Meaning that when participants click on an answer they also submit it.
  • Elapsed Poll Time: All meeting participants can now keep track of how long a poll has been open/active for via the small timer on the top of the polls page. An end timer is also visible next to the elapsed time.
  • During a presentation: If you’re in the middle of a presentation you can start a poll and once the poll is completed you can go back to you presentation and start off where you left off. 3CX WebMeeting remembers the last slide you were on.

  Web Meeting Polling General Info

  • Share Results: After an organizer closes the poll, the organizer has the option to share the results with all meeting participants with the press of a button. If shared, all meeting users are notified with a sound & a pop-up and are immediately shown the web meeting polling results.
  • Save to PDF: By default, only the poll organizer can save the poll results (in PDF format). If however the organizer chooses to share the poll results (see previous point) with all participating users, these users will also have the ability to save the results as PDF.
  • Print Results: Both the poll organizer and participants have the option to print the results. (See conditions in previous points)

  What to watch out for?

  • Ad Blockers: Saving to PDF and Printing can become troublesome if you have an ad-blocker on your browser. To avoid these issues simply make sure to white-list the page you’re trying to save the PDF from.
  • Cloud Saving Results? Absolutely not. Both for user privacy and compliance. Poll results are only available while a poll is active. Once the poll is fully closed, all visible results are lost.

This update is now live. To share your feedback, click on the “Comment” box below.

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