Directcall Joins 3CX Supported SIP Providers for Brazil

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Configure Directcall SIP trunk with 3CXDirectcall, a Brazilian telephony solutions provider, has completed interoperability testing with 3CX V15.5 and can now be selected for use from within the management console.

Founded in 1994, Directcall offers award-winning IP telephony services to business customers throughout Brazil. With a customer portfolio boasting some of the biggest companies around the globe, Directcall’s SIP trunking service is a reliable and cost-effective solution based on quality of service and innovation. Directcall’s SIP trunks allow customers to make and receive calls while cutting telco costs as well as send and receive SMS and fax from local and national telephone lines in over 40 countries. Now you can get started with Directcall’s SIP trunk for your 3CX installation in just a few simple steps.

Using our pre-configured template and our step-by-step guide, you can quickly and easily configure your 3CX PBX with Directcall’s SIP trunk. Login to the management console and head over to our configuration guide to get up and running. Please note that to use Directcall’s SIP trunk you must be running 3CX V15.5 or above. We recommend that you always run the latest version of 3CX to ensure ongoing compatibility.

Check out the configuration guide to begin setup of your Directcall SIP trunk with 3CX.

Directcall SIP Trunking Guide

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