ReadySpace is focused on providing Cloud Services to businesses that demand Performance, Compliance and Connectivity across Asia Pacific.


Started in 2003, ReadySpace is a Singaporean company founded by army buddies from the Singapore Armed Forces who, upon fulfilling their military obligations, found their direction in building a company that served the community through IT. ReadySpace was born.

Today, ReadySpace serves over 10,000 businesses and users across the Asia Pacific and continues to make inroads in Asian Pacific markets like Indonesia, India and the Philippines.

In 2013, operations in the United States were started to cater for Asian businesses with US interests, as well as for American businesses expanding into Asia.

Vision . Mission . Values


Having every business globally enhance their operations through us in one way or another.


To accelerate growth and expansion in a business through providing cloud services.


Integrity, Team Work, Passion, Service Excellence.

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